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Fund NameMorningstar
Allianz Oriental Income A USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.80118.6700 USD
Allianz Oriental Income AT EURAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.80209.6800 EUR
Allianz Oriental Income AT SGDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.8016.1300 SGD
Allianz Oriental Income AT USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.80130.5600 USD
Allianz Oriental Income I USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity0.95125.5600 USD
Allianz Oriental Income IT USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity0.95146.9600 USD
Allianz Oriental Income P USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity0.95124.4600 USD
BGF Pacific Equity A2Asia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.8434.0400 USD
BGF Pacific Equity A2 - EURAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.8430.7500 EUR
BGF Pacific Equity A2 - GBPAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.8427.8300 GBP
BGF Pacific Equity D2 EURAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-33.9700 EUR
BNY Mellon Asia Rising Stars USD A AccAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity--1.1501 USD
Dimensional Pac Basin Sm Comp $ IncAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-13.1200 USD
Dimensional Pac Basin Sm Comp USD IncAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity---
Dimensional Pac Basin Sm Comp € IncAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-10.7800 EUR
Fidelity Pacific A-Acc-EURAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-21.0900 EUR
Fidelity Pacific A-Dis-SGDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-1.3520 SGD
Fidelity Pacific A-Dis-USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-34.1300 USD
Fidelity Pacific Y-Acc-EURAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-16.9800 EUR
Fidelity Pacific Y-Acc-USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-19.3300 USD
Fidelity Pacific Y-Dis-USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-13.7100 USD
Phillip Asia Pacific GrowthAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.671.9080 SGD
United Asia Pac GrowthAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.851.4720 SGD
United Asia Pac Growth - USDAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity1.851.0620 USD
United Asia Top 50Asia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity2.480.7340 SGD
Total Results:
* Data as of 2019-07-31