Articles: Christine Benz

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We Need to Talk About Your Retirement ‘Spending’ Retirement Christine Benz 13/11/23
What I’ve Done Right With My Portfolio Personal Finance Christine Benz 21/07/23
Do as I Say and Not as I do! Personal Finance Christine Benz 13/07/23
5 Steps to a Minimalist Portfolio Personal Finance Christine Benz 12/06/23
I Could Have My Guccis On, But The Best Luxuries Aren't Brands Personal Finance Christine Benz 14/04/23
COVID-19 and the Future of Financial Planning Personal Finance Christine Benz 21/10/20
Are Active Funds Better in Less-Efficient Markets? Investing 101 Christine Benz 29/09/16
What You Need to Know Before Buying ETFs (Part 2) ETF Education Christine Benz 15/04/16
What You Need to Know Before Buying ETFs (Part 1) ETF Education Christine Benz 31/03/16
Dangerous Assumptions That Could Hurt Your Retirement Plan Personal Finance Christine Benz 13/02/15
Benz: 4 Biggest Investing Surprises of 2014 Market Watch Christine Benz 06/01/15
What Risks Lurk in Each Asset Class? (Part 1) Investing 101 Christine Benz 22/12/14
3 Questions to Fine-Tune Your Portfolio's Risk Level Investing 101 Christine Benz 19/12/14
Bogle: Latest Investor Trends Are Just That--Trends ETF Watch Christine Benz 13/11/14
Retirement Planning: 2 Key Decisions for Your Withdrawal Strategy Personal Finance Christine Benz 27/10/14
A Manager-Change Checklist Investing 101 Christine Benz 03/10/14
4 Questions to Ask Before Adding International Bonds to Your Portfolio Investing 101 Christine Benz 15/09/14
6 Priorities for Building and Rebalancing Your Portfolio Investing 101 Christine Benz 01/09/14
3 Portfolio Risks You May Be Overestimating Personal Finance Christine Benz 18/08/14
The Biggest Risk Factor for Your Portfolio Investing 101 Christine Benz 11/07/14
Long-term Investing: 3 Mistakes to Avoid Investing 101 Christine Benz 26/05/14
Retirement planning: Will Your Income Needs Trend Down as You Age? Investing 101 Christine Benz 02/05/14
Moving From Funds to Individual Stocks? Or Vice Versa? Personal Finance Christine Benz 25/04/14
In Defense of Dollar-Cost Averaging Investing 101 Christine Benz 18/04/14
5 Steps to Deciphering Past Performance Personal Finance Christine Benz 07/02/14
Is Your Risk Tolerance at War With Your Risk Capacity? Personal Finance Christine Benz 24/01/14
How Much Emerging-Markets Exposure Do You Need? (And Do You Already Have It?) Investing 101 Christine Benz 03/01/14
Economic Growth Doesn't Equal Portfolio Growth Investing 101 Christine Benz 23/12/13
A Fourth-Quarter Portfolio Checkup in 4 Simple Steps Investing 101 Christine Benz 13/12/13
3 Retirement Distribution Pitfalls (and How to Work Around Them) Personal Finance Christine Benz 29/11/13
The Error-Proof Portfolio: OK, People--What Have We Learned? Investing 101 Christine Benz 18/11/13
The 3 Most Redundant Portfolio Additions Investing 101 Christine Benz 11/11/13
Malkiel: Be Careful of the Home-Country Bias Investing 101 Christine Benz 25/10/13
Encore Careers: A Worthy Second Act, or Overrated? Personal Finance Christine Benz 13/09/13
The Error-Proof Portfolio: Rising Rates a Wake-Up Call for Your Whole Portfolio Market Watch Christine Benz 05/08/13
Teach Your Children Well (About Money) Personal Finance Christine Benz 19/07/13
Income vs. Total Return: Why Take Sides? Investing 101 Christine Benz 24/08/12
Trading Costs: Pros Share Tips on How to Slap the Invisible Hand Personal Finance Christine Benz 26/07/12
Trading Costs: Pros Share Tips on How to Slap the Invisible Hand Investing 101 Christine Benz 26/07/12
Simple Ways to Inflation-Protect Your Portfolio Investing 101 Christine Benz 23/03/10
Midyear Portfolio Checkup in Five Steps Investing 101 Christine Benz 20/07/09
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