ETF illustration7 Top-Performing Active U.S. Stock ETFs
ETFs from Vanguard and JPMorgan are among the category’s leaders.
Investing with 3 plantsThese 3 ETFs Hold High-Quality Stocks
These low-cost funds show that quality can come cheap.
image4 ETFs for Exposure to India Stocks
These gold-and-silver rated exchange traded funds include a large-cap, a small-cap, and a quality-factor strategy, as well as one that  excludes state-owned enterprises.
imageYour ETF Undergoes an Index Change? Here's What You Should Do play-circle--s
Jackie Choy, global director for passive investment ratings at Morningstar, provides some tips.
NasdaqDoes the Special Rebalance of Nasdaq 100 Amount to Market Timing? play-circle--s
Reducing the weight of the 'Magnificent Seven' in the index (and QQQ) might not be a case of 'Market Timing' but it is a reminder that even passive investing has active elements. 
imageHere's Why You Underperform the Fund You Own play-circle--s
Ill-timed decisions to buy or sell a fund can impact the actual returns experienced by investors.

Investment Screening

shieldGold Medalist Funds
These funds receive our highest ratings: Gold, Silver, or Bronze
leafSustainable Funds
Morningstar's highest rated sustainable funds.
graphMorningstar Indexes
Morningstar Indexes are designed to help guide investors


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Morningstar’s comparison module enables the side by side appraisal of multiple investments at once.
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